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Acland, J., N. Acland, et al. (1997). James Acland's account of The Bristolian Bread Association, 1829 to 1831. Colchester, Neville Acland.

Acton, E. (1857). The English bread-book: for domestic use, adapted to families of every grade. London, Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts.

Africa, S. (1943). Report by the Cost Accountant of the National Marketing Council. Bread production and delivery costs, Pretoria.

Africa, S. (1962). Kernel characteristics of bread wheat varieties grown in South Africa.

Alava, J. M. and R. University of (2003). Formation and development of bread structure in high speed breadmaking. Reading, University of Reading.

Alexander Frederick, W. and London (1925). Salt and Bread, lack of iodine. Note on a possible cause of cancer. A suggestion by F. W. Alexander, Poplar.

Allen, T. (2001). The Ballymaloe bread book. Dublin, Gill & Macmillan.

Allinson Thomas, R. (1900). The Advantages of Wholemeal Bread, etc. London, Natural Food Company.

Allinson, T. R. (2003). The advantages of wholemeal bread. The Nineteenth Century. General Collection; title no. N.1.1.15675. Cambridge, Chadwyck-Healey Ltd.

Allison, S. (1983). Sonia Allison's bread book. Loughton, Piatkus.

Allison, S. (2001). The complete bread machine cookbook: over 100 classic and contemporay recipes, techniques and tips for every kind of machine. London, Ebury.

Allison, T. R. (1889). The advantages of wholemeal bread. Reprinted from "Food.", London.

Alzard Gilbert, C. (1842). Alzard's Method. for the manufacture of incorruptible biscuit and bread, etc. London, C. Armand.

American Institute of, B. (1900). Bread and meat. Suggested recipes and uses for today's meat, Chicago.

Anderson, W. G. (1894). Wheat, flour manufacture, bread. A lecture delivered before the Dundee Institute of Mechanical Engineers, in the Technical Institute, Dundee, 8th February, 1894. Re-delivered on 16th February, 1894, under the auspices of the Aberdeen Master Bakers' Association, in the Trinity (Trades) Hall, Aberdeen, Dundee.

Andrae, G., B. Beckman, et al. (1985). The wheat trap: bread and underdevelopment in Nigeria. London, Zed.

Anglo-Candian Wax Paper, C. (1922). Bread Wrapping. [With plates.], London.

Antonides, H. (1985). Stones for bread: the social gospel and its contemporary legacy. Ontario, Paideia Press.

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Arundale, P. (1957). Bread and olives. London, Chatto & Windus.

Ashley, W. J. (1928). The bread of our forefathers, Oxford.

Austin, G. W. E. o. t. B. T., Ed. (1891). Bread, Baking & Bakers, etc. London, G. W. Austin; and "Bakers Times" Office.

B. L, A. and Wheat (1876). The Finest of the Wheat; or, the Bread of forgiveness. By L. A. B. London, Strahan & Co.

Baez-Vasquez, M. A. (1993). Bread improving effect of an endoxylonase from Trichoderma longibrachiatum in the Chorleywood Breadmaking Process.

Baillaud, C. (1995). Salt dough models. London, Aurum.

Bakar Hajah Junaidah binti Haji, A. (1995). Saccharomycopsis fibuligera: an organism involved in tapai fermentation and bread spoilage, University of Reading.

Baker (1877). The Baker, including bread and fancy baking, with numerous receipts, London.

Banfield, W. T. (1939). Faulty bread. A summary of remedies for specific defects, [S.l.

Banfield, W. T. (1947). "Manna". A comprehensive treatise on bread manufacture. [With illustrations and a map.], London.

Bastyra, J. and M. Michaels (1995). Bread. London, Watts Books.

Batch (1861). How to bake; from a batch of bread to a biscuit, London.

Bateman, M. and H. Maisner (1982). The Sunday Times book of real bread. Aylesbury, Rodale.

Bates, H. E. (1946). The cruise of The Bread-Winner, London.

Beard, J. and K. Stuecklen (1976). Beard on bread. London, Joseph.

Beaty-Pownall, S. (1902). Bread, cakes, and biscuits. London, Horace Cox.

Beaty-Pownall, S. (1906). The "Queen" cookery books: bread, cakes, and biscuits. London, Horace Cox.

Beggs, T. (1856). Dear Bread and Wasted Grain. A lecture, etc. London, William Tweedie.

Beggs, T. (1856). Dear bread and wasted grain: a lecture, delivered at the Broadmead rooms, Bristol, on Thursday evening, December 20th, 1855, London.

Beggs, T. (1856). Dear bread and wasted grain: a lecture, London.

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