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Cooke, L. (1855). Bread for the People! Secured by the skilful cultivation and efficient supervision of estates. London, W. H. Dalton.

Cooney, A. (1995). Bread in the wilderness: a first draft. Liverpool, Gild of St. George.

Corkling, M. A. Y., Jarrold, et al. (1882). . Wheat-meal bread. London, Jarrold.

Corn (1851). Corn and bread: what they owe to machinery, [S.l.

Crook, J. (1895). Just Bread and Cheese and Kisses. Duet. London, Hopwood& Crew.

Cruikshank, G. (1850). A slice of bread and butter, London.

Cruikshank, G. (1870). A Few Remarks on the System of General Education as proposed by the National Education League. With a second edition of A Slice of Bread and Butter, upon the same subject. With cuts. London, William Tweedie.

Cruikshank, G. (1870). A Slice of Bread and Butter, cut by G. Cruikshank. Being the substance of a speech delivered at a public meeting, held for the benefit of the Jews' and General Literary and Mechanics' Institution.

Currants (1905). Currants and currant bread. A few facts and views of leading medical authorities, [S.l.

Curtis, N. and P. Greenland (1990). How bread is made. G.B., Heinemann.

Damen, H. (1973). Langers vers. Taal mobiliseren, 1966-1972. (Bill bread. Mobilizing language, 1966-1972.), Utrecht.

Dance, M. (1882). White bread starvation; or, An appeal for pure bread, and cleanliness in its manufacture, London.

Dance, M. (1890). Can decorticated wheaten meal be made into bread? and Does the white loaf hold its present position with the public on its merits?, London.

Daniel, A. R. and W. Jago (1946). An introduction to the study of the Principles of Bread-making. London, Offices of 'The British Baker' Maclaren and Sons Ltd.

Dark, I. (1962). A loaf of bread, E.J.Arnold.

Darling, J. (1997). Best bread machine recipes. Des Moines, Iowa, Better Homes and Gardens.

Dauglish, J. (1860). The following paper on "a new system of bread manufacture", [S.l.].

Dauglish, J. (1863). Aërated bread v. fermented bread. The nature and results of Dr. Daulish's system of aërated bread making. Extracted from "The Times" and other sources. London, National Provincial Aerated Bread Company.

D'Auvergne Edmund Basil, F. (1925). The Bread of Dependence. London, John Long.

Davidson, J. M. (1904). Bluffing the foreign devils, or, dear-bread imperialism, London.

Davies, J. T. (1946). The Waste of Bread through the Drink Trade.

Dawoud, F. M. A. (1989). High-fibre bread for the management of diabetes: product development, physiological testing and sensory evaluation.

Day, H. (1966). About bread, Thorsons.

Deletaille, A. (1963). The bread crumbs, Harrap.

Densmore, E. (1890). The natural food of man: a brief statement of the principal arguments against the use of bread, cereals, pulses, and all other starch foods. London; New York, Pewtress and Co.

Densmore, E. (1892). How nature cures Comprising a new system of hygiene; also The natural food of man A statement of the principal arguments against the use of bread, cereals, pulses, potatoes, and all other starch foods.: By Emmet Densmore. London, Swan Sonnenshein & Co. Paternoster Square.

Di Michele, M. and B. Wallace (1980). Bread and chocolate. [Ottawa, Ont.], Oberon.

Divall, S. A. (1981). Energy use for the production of bread and other processed foods, University of Cambridge.

Doeser, L. (2002). Bread: simple and delicious easy-to-make recipes for your bread maker. London, Marks & Spencer.

Drower, E. S. L. (1955). The sacramental bread of the Mandaeans.

Drucker, A. (1957). A crust of bread, London.

Drummond, J. C. S. (1948). The nutritive value of bread. The Sanderson-Wells lecture delivered. at the Middlesex Hospital London. 24th June 1947, London.

Drummond, J. C. S. (1948). The nutritive value of bread, London.

Drummond, J. S. (1948). Nutritive value of bread, London.

Dryad, H. (1932). To make the two-rod three-stroke plaited border. With complete instructions for a bread basket, Leicester.

Dryad, H. (1943). Three canework borders with complete instructions for a bread basket and a tray, Leicester.

Duff, G. (1993). The complete bread book: 150 traditional recipes from around the world. London, Pavilion.

Eccleshare, J. (1989). The book of bread: from pitta to pizza. London, Hamish Hamilton.

Edme, L. (1930). Commercial bread. A treatise on modern bakery practice, London.

Elton, R. (1926). Broken Bread.

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